Online Business In Zambia

The development of smart mobile phones has helped to change how we access information. Before the era of smartphones, accessing the internet was broadly unaffordable to the majority of low-income countries. Zambia in the early 2000's used to have high street internet cafes, which was mostly called computer shop. The likes of EFF president, Mr. Chilufya Tayali was one of the players in that emerging market.

The second decade of this century saw the availability of cheap smartphones which dramatically reduced the cost of accessing the internet in Africa at large. Zambia has made further steps to reduce the cost of broadband. Currently, the country has the lowest broadband cost per gigabyte in Africa.


With the low-cost internet, some services including government services have started to move to online. In the last voter registration exercise, for the first time, citizens could register to vote online.


Online business is in do doubt the future of trading. Online trading offers far more advantages to both business owners and their customers. will further enhance the online business by providing links to Zambian owned online businesses including to key government services. The country ois expected to have at least 20% of the business activities conducted online by 2031. 


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date: 12th June 2021

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